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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are thinking of buying a gift voucher or have bought one already, we have outlined answers to questions that are sometimes asked.

1. Which delivery option should I choose?

The following mailing options are available:

2. I have received an email with a link to my receipt but cannot open the link, how do I open my receipt link?

- The link should open when you left click on it, however you may need to copy and paste the link:
- Copy the receipt link text by left clicking on the line(s) of text (highlighting the whole line), then right click and select 'Copy'.
- Open your internet browser and paste the receipt link into your address bar by right clicking and select 'Paste'.
- You will now be asked to enter your email address to verify that you are the buyer of the gift voucher.  You should enter your email address exactly as it was entered at the buying stage.  If the email address is not entered identically as it was when the item was purchased it will not let you open the receipt page.
- Once the correct email address has been entered, your receipt should now appear on your screen.
- Print the receipt.

3. How do I cancel a purchase?

You can cancel your order at any point by selecting the 'Cancel Order' button however if you have completed the transaction and realise that you've made a mistake or purchased a product that you no longer want Shangri-La Hotels will be happy to refund your card in accordance with the provisions below.

The following provisions will apply in respect of all products, unless:

- product has been shipped out
- any products made to your specification or clearly personalised;
- any goods which are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly (such as food or fresh flowers);
- any clothing items (bath robes, pyjamas)

in which case the product is non-refundable and non-transferable unless otherwise agreed by Shangri-La Hotels.

We do not accept cancelations once an item has been shipped or collected at the hotel. For any questions and enquiries please contact [email protected].

4. How do I order more than 1 product?

- Simply 'Add to Order' as many products as you like by using the 'Continue browsing' button. You can also remove items from your order by using the 'Delete' button.

- If you would like to purchase more than 1 of the same type of product simply click on the 'Duplicate' button when in your basket.

5.I'm attempting to purchase a product but have received a failed transaction message ('Payment has not been accepted') at the end of the transaction.  What should I do next?

- There could be several reasons why this may be happening.  Despite there being sufficient funds in an account banks occasionally decline payments due to it being unusual buying behaviour.

- This can be easily rectified by contacting the bank and advising them that you are trying to make an online purchase.

- Please contact Shangri-La Hotels at (33 1) 5367 1998 or [email protected].

6. Are you able to provide me with a VAT receipt?

No, I'm afraid that SK Chase cannot supply a VAT receipt nor a VAT invoice.

VAT receipts can only be issued by the hotel, as you have purchased one of their products, and not an SK Chase product.

If you require a VAT receipt please contact the hotel directly to request this.

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